About the Conference



277 delegates from 17 countries attended Heap Leach Solutions 2013 conference!


Heap leaching is a complex process that requires the integration of many aspects to establish an economically viable and technically sound project, both during operation and closure. Many other conferences focus on specific scientific and engineering aspects of heap leaching or have heap leaching as a subtopic. This conference brings it all together so that a wide range of professionals can share their expertise and experience in the development, operation and closure of heap leach projects.


  1. Ore Characterization / Metallurgical Testwork

    • Geology / Mineralogy
    • Orebody knowledge / Geometallurgy
    • Laboratory testing (bottle roll, column)
    • Pilot heaps
  2. Design and Construction
    • Modeling (physical, geochemical, hydrology)
    • Material management
    • Economic evaluations
    • Earthworks and infrastructure
    • Heap leach pads and pond
    • Water balance and management
    • Metal recovery
    • Construction QA/QC
  3. Operations and Metal Recovery
    • Heap construction
    • Leach application
    • Metal recovery operations
  4. Closure and Post-closure
    • Process fluid management
    • Leach effluent quantity and quality
    • Cover systems
    • Long-term monitoring and maintenance
  5. Technology Developments
    • Hydrometallurgy
    • Numerical modeling
    • Metal recovery
    • Role of bacteria


The objective of this conference is to provide a forum for scientists and engineers to share technologies, practices and advances for establishing successful heap leach projects for a range of minerals in a variety of different climates.